Cleaner, Greener Electric Power

Alameda County residents and businesses will soon have a new—greener—choice for the source of electricity that powers our homes and businesses.

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) will be a community-governed power supplier, committed to providing electricity generated from a high percentage of renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal.

How We'll
Do It

EBCE will pool the electricity demand of our homes and businesses and buy electricity for us. PG&E will continue to deliver the electricity using its existing poles and lines.

Source EBCE buying and building renewable energy
Delivery PG&E delivering energy, reparing lines, serving customers
Customer - YOU benefitting from cleaner energy and local control

We'll Benefit



For the first time, there will be competition in the energy market, which can result in lower prices for all customers.



Choosing renewable, zero-carbon energy is an easy, economical way to reduce your carbon footprint and it’s the single most effective program for cities to reach their climate action goals.

Local Investment

Local Investment

As a non-profit organization accountable to customers, EBCE will reinvest net revenue into the community for local energy projects and programs.



Ratepayers will have a choice about their level of renewably sourced electricity—all the way up to 100%!

It's a

This type of program is already working in Marin, San Francisco and Sonoma Counties. And it’s being considered in most other Bay Area Counties. Statewide, 16 counties and the City of San José are exploring similar programs.

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